Customer Journey

Customer Journey

The customer journey mapping is an important step towards becoming more customer-centric and helps you shift the focus from the organisation to the customer's reality.
Customer Journey
A customer journey map is a visual description of the different interactions a customer has with your brand. Where are your customers and where do they find your organisation? What online and offline channels do they use to gather information and find their suppliers? What are their needs, barriers and drivers?

The customer journey is the process from the first interaction that takes place with your brand to the individual becoming a customer. The experience of being a customer and a repeat or loyal customer can usefully be included in the journey.

By identifying and visualising the customer's needs and challenges throughout the customer journey, it becomes easier to identify opportunities, important or crucial interactions (moments that matter). With the map in place, the work becomes manageable and the various actions prioritised so that the goal of becoming more relevant and improving the customer experience moves from wish to plan. Customer journey mapping is a powerful technique for creating a manageable picture, increasing knowledge and awareness of the customer picture and developing the organisation from within.

Although many companies and organisations are now quite good at collecting data from and about their customers, it is difficult to understand customer frustrations and experiences by analysing data alone. Customer journey mapping makes good use of both qualitative and quantitative methods, customer stories and visualisations to illustrate the relationship a customer has with a company over time.

Customer Journey Mapping

  • Mapping the customer's interaction and relationship with the brand
  • Identifies particularly sensitive or important moments in the relationship, so-called "moments that matter"
  • Can create internal consensus and focus on better understanding their customers.
  • Laying the foundations for a manageable project and prioritisable activities.

Our experienced consultants will help you with

  • Experience and methodology in customer journey mapping and customer journey analysis
  • Development of project plan and roadmap
  • Project management and coaching

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Customer Journey

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Customer Journey
The customer journey mapping is an important step towards becoming more customer-centric and helps you shift the focus from the organisation to the customer's reality.
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