Snowflake is one of the most popular cloud platforms for data management and data warehousing. Using Snowflake, you and your organization can connect disparate data sources to build out data islands and data silos. Snowflake makes it easier to perform razor-sharp analysis and deliver valuable insights.

Snowflake is one of the most popular cloud platforms.

Snowflake is a powerful and relatively simple tool for managing your data. The possibilities and benefits are many, including:

  • Scalable system where you only pay for the amount of data you process. This reduces the upfront costs and makes it easy to get started and test the system while handling very large volumes of data and calculations. We help you get up and running quickly with a defined POC (Proof of Concept).
  • Easy to use - Snowflake is a no code/low code platform, which means you don't need to be a programmer to use Snowflake's tools.
  • Snowflake is Cloud Native Software as a Service, so it requires no maintenance or administration of storage and compute resources or infrastructure management.    
  • Snowflake uses SQL as its base and can load, optimise and combine both traditional structured data and modern semi-structured formats such as Json, Avro, Parquet and XML, which is then made available via SQL.
  • Automate your data. With Snowflake, you integrate data sources and can retrieve data in real time, structuring and updating the data automatically with logic and rules.

Does Snowflake sound interesting to you? We'll help you get started quickly and easily with a limited Proof of Concept (POC). Contact us and we'll tell you more!

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