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HubSpot Operations Hub

HubSpot Operations Hub

The HubSpot Operations Hub is part of the HubSpot platform and aims to provide tools that make data management easier, more efficient and more accessible to everyone in the company.
HubSpot Operations Hub

HubSpot Operations Hub offers enhanced integrations, robust data quality tools, flexible business process automation, and powerful tools for data preparation. Operations Hub is designed to help businesses manage data, to keep processes efficient, and to empower operational teams to spend less time on reactive data tasks and more time on business strategy.

Some key features of the HubSpot Operations Hub

Data sync:

Is a new, built-in way to connect different systems/apps to HubSpot. With data sync, you can keep HubSpot synchronized with the rest of your technology stack, freeing you from hours of exporting and importing spreadsheets. With data sync, you can rest assured that your customer data is always consistent and up to date. Best of all, datasync doesn't require a single line of code. You simply select the app, choose what information to include, and save your synchronization. HubSpot will communicate directly with your other app to keep things synchronized for you.

Programmable Automations:  

Programmable automation makes it possible to run code directly within the HubSpot flow. Programmable automation includes three automated actions in HubSpot:

  • Custom code in flows
  • Webhooks in flows
  • Customized coded bot actions in chatflows

With the new custom workflow actions, your operations team can quickly adapt your processes to the ever-changing needs of your customers, ensuring your business runs smoothly as it grows.

Automation of data quality:

Withdata quality automation, cleaning data is not only easy, it is also automatic. Data quality automation involves a new set of workflow actions that format property values in different ways: capitalization, correcting date properties, updating phone numbers, and more.

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